Giving Luck

Back in October, I organised a small event where group of people talked about Luck and shared related stories and luck items. All stories has been recorded and there are many photos from this “Luck Salon”, as I like to call it. I plan to share some of them later here on the blog, when time allows. As a small thank you for their generosity, I have casted a small edition of luck soaps, some of them featuring a significant object that appeared at the salon. Here are some photos of the special edition.

giving luck (18)

giving luck (13)

giving luck (7)



Superstition & Art making

Today I came across this fabulous picture by Bobbie Dunn-Komarek from the Magic Monkey Media. This protective eye is watching over the firing process in the kiln of the International Ceramics Studios in Hungary. The studios bring over professionals from around the world to improve practice and do research. I find this little sign of superstition quite cute. It is yet another proof, that although we are firmly “down to Earth”, a little superstition still has place in our lives. I’m sure that the artists in the studios are experienced ceramicists but as soon as they hand their clay work over to the kiln, anything can happen, so a little watchful eye surely doesn’t hurt.

To find out more about Bobbie and her photographs, click here and the fabulous website of the ceramic studios is here. The place looks quite magical…

Do you have any rituals or amulets in your artistic practice? I would love to hear about them…

Bobbie Eye on kiln

Unfortunate cookies

You can’t always have Luck!  Or maybe you are a little sick of talking about Luck all the time… Here is help. This funky company provides “unfortunate cookies” or in German “Pech Kekse”.

Same principle as their positive counterparts – the fortune cookies – just black & hard and the messages inside are rather crude (but funny)! Just use them sensibly, I would not offer them to a manic depressive…  They are available to be purchased here. Visit their website, the images are rather entertaining… And if nothing else, they are great for Halloween!

Pech keks


Lady Luck lives in the Czech Republic

While doing my research into lucky sculptures, I came across Fortuna Volubilis.  The capricious Fortune has been painted on the wall of the Palace in Pardubice (Czech Republic) more than 480 years ago to bring the owner – Vojtech von Pernstejn – constant luck. Clever, isn’t it?

Well, the legend brings many visitors to the palace. To attract even more attention, commissioned the current curators few years ago the sculptor Bohumil Elias to create an exact copy of the fresco in bronze. So now can the visiting “luck seakers” even touch her! The bronze figure stands on a glass ball that symbolizes the unsteady nature of luck. And here she is for you:

Stestena (3)

Stestena (4)


And the original fresco:


If you happen to visit Czech Republic, make sure that you stop by in Pardubice and stroke her for luck! The town is rather charming. Just don’t visit on Sunday, then everything is closed and the town is rather sleepy.

Quick Look Back

It has been already 5 months since I started working on the Luck Project and as well as making progress, I am also taking stock. While looking through all the material I gathered so far, I came across these sketches today.

It was rather meditative focusing my whole attention on a relatively small detail of the lucky sculptures. This approach however, proved to be a dead end and the project is moving in a different direction now.  I am still glad I made them though….

If you want to know more about my way of working, look at the newly updated Luck Project page.

Juliet drawings001 - Kopie

Juliet drawings003

Juliet drawings004