Lucky London

Last week I was again on the mission to distribute more Luck. This time my Luck-bringers appeared at the Design Museum, at Tate Modern and in the Shakespeare’s Globe in London. Have you seen them?

If you would like to read more about Looking for Luck, please click here.

London Design museum 12.8 (9) - Kopie

London Tate Modern 14.8 - Kopie

London Shakespeares Globe 13.8 (2) - Kopie



Were you lucky enough to spot any of these around London? 😉 I had a great time finding the best spots for them. I was also successful at distributing more of my “luck-bringers“. More about it in the next post.


Our charmed modern life

Do YOU have an amulet, talisman or any kind of object you are emotionally attached to?

My experience so far is, that people are very quick to claim that “they are not superstitious!”. They might be right, however, many of these very same respondents produce (after short consideration) an item with a very strong personal significance. We might or we might not call it amulet but we can certainly think about our reasons for keeping these objects and their meaning.

As part of my art project, I have been collecting photos of personal “amulets”. You can see a small selection of them here but today I have discovered this sweet little film that also explores this theme.

Charmed life in contemporary London – Wellcome Collection.

If you happen to own a similar item of significance, please get in touch. I would be very happy to hear about it.

Who needs geocaching if you can LOOK for LUCK!

If you enjoy treasure hunting and use every occasion to play, then read further!

As part of my Luck-Art-Project, I have been distributing mini artworks, that represent “luck bringers” in public places (galleries, museums, restaurants etc.) in Europe to be randomly discovered. They come in the form of mini-soaps (glycerin soap) and the act of hand-washing enables the transfer of luck. Their forms are based on genuine “luck-bringers” such as lucky sculptures or personal talismans.


The project works with the idea of “serendipity” or “the lucky chance”. The objects are fully accessible but only the “lucky” people who are at the right place at the right time can find them. However, by reading this blog, the chance of finding them increases as the information about the location and time scale of distribution is disclosed here.

IMG_6256 (2)

This is an ongoing art project and the objective is to create a “lucky community” – a community of people who perhaps do not know each other but were brought together through this project. In the age of intensive social networking, this community/network can exist without obsessive communication. It is also a community without entry requirements, however with a certain exclusivity due to the pre-requested  need to be “lucky” enough to find one of the luck-bringers.

Please note, that is an art project, not a scientific study or esoteric trial. It should be fun but it should also make us think about the society in which we are currently living and about our daily acts of superstition. It should provide a glimps into the complexity of our behaviour.

Would you like to take part? The next distribution place will be the big museums and galleries in London (11th – 16th August 2014) Please let me know, feedback is greatly appreciated…