Quick Look Back

It has been already 5 months since I started working on the Luck Project and as well as making progress, I am also taking stock. While looking through all the material I gathered so far, I came across these sketches today.

It was rather meditative focusing my whole attention on a relatively small detail of the lucky sculptures. This approach however, proved to be a dead end and the project is moving in a different direction now.  I am still glad I made them though….

If you want to know more about my way of working, look at the newly updated Luck Project page.

Juliet drawings001 - Kopie

Juliet drawings003

Juliet drawings004



The Counter-Tourism book and the Luck-Lion

Do you know that feeling when you discover, that someone else – someone you don’t know at all – works on the same or similar ideas that were always at the back of your mind? Well, for me it was the moment I opened the book Counter-Tourism (The Handbook) by Crab Man. It was an incredibly lucky moment!

This book promotes a new type of tourism. It offers ideas for more sensorial and deeper experiencing of the places you visit. It also offers a slightly “guerilla” approach to tourism in the sense of leaving harmless marks of your presence behind. At this point it links directly to my Luck Project and I find it incredibly inspirational.

I recommend this book to every tourist, who longs for more creativity and deeper (and funnier) connection to the places they visit.

A mis-guided walk by the luckblogger is already in planning.

I found this Luck-Lion in the book (page 28) and must share it. I – the non-superstitious one – have seen it as a sign… 😉

lion luck001

Today’s catch

Since working on the Luck Project, I use every opportunity to ask people about their everyday superstitions and personal talismans. These mini talks are very interesting. Today I was taking part in a job interview and I was lucky to hear another mini story.

An experienced tour-guide showed me his personal token. He got it from a Texan tourist on a guided tour of a German castle. Although he claims that he does not believe in it, that he just finds it comforting to have it, he did bring it to the interview. Or did he just “forget” it in his pocket??? 😉

Do YOU “forget” objects of personal significance in your pockets sometimes? Do you bring anything (secretly of course) to your job interviews or exams? I am trying to compile a mini “atlas” of  significant objects/talismans/luck-bringers. Some of them are already featured here. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT YOURS!

Philip from Neunschwanstein - Kopie

Lucky London

Last week I was again on the mission to distribute more Luck. This time my Luck-bringers appeared at the Design Museum, at Tate Modern and in the Shakespeare’s Globe in London. Have you seen them?

If you would like to read more about Looking for Luck, please click here.

London Design museum 12.8 (9) - Kopie

London Tate Modern 14.8 - Kopie

London Shakespeares Globe 13.8 (2) - Kopie