Look for Luck

As part of my Art project, I am going to distribute some of my mini artworks, that play the role of the luck-bringers, in undisclosed locations. Here will be the images and information about them.


These little objects came to existence based on my ongoing interest in luck, lucky charms, talismans and “lucky sculptures”.  You can read more about the project background here.  These little “luck objects” are actually made of glycerin soap and they have been formed using authentic molds from lucky sculptures and personal talismans collected by me.  The mini luck bringers will be distributed in public places such as Museums, Galleries, Restaurants etc. in Europe with the idea of “spreading” luck.  As touch is a crucial for the transfer of luck, washing hands with these mini soaps should facilitate the same.

The distribution of these mini soaps is based on the concepts of “random”, “chance” and “serendipity”. If you happen to find one of these, please use it, photograph it but do not remove it.  If you read this blog and live in the area of distribution, you are very welcome to search for them – the lucky treasure hunt is highly encouraged. Otherwise, they are to be discovered randomly and cause a fleeting moment of “luck” by this bizarre coincidence, that they have been in this particular location at this particular time when you were also present.

This is an ongoing art project and the objective is to create a “lucky community” – a community of people who perhaps do not know each other but were brought together through this project. In the age of intensive social networking, this community/network can exist without obsessive communication. It is also a community without entry requirements, however with certain exclusivity due to the pre-requested  need to be “lucky” enough to find one of the luck-bringers.

Please note, that is an art project, not a scientific study or esoteric trial. It should be fun but it should also make us think about the society in which we are currently living and about our daily acts of superstition. It should provide a glimps into the complexity of our behaviour.

Please get in touch if you were lucky and found one of these!

Bringing Luck to Barcelona, Spain (21st – 25th July 2014)

Have you seen these?




Luck distribution in London, UK (11th – 16th August 2014)

London Design museum 12.8 (9) - Kopie

London Design museum 12.8 (2)

London Tate Modern 14.8 - Kopie

London Shakespeares Globe 13.8 (2) - Kopie


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