Hunting for Authenticity

While working on the Luck Project, I have been trying to produce art as authentic as possible.  However, it is not always easy. My own art pieces are based on the real luck-bringing sculptures and personal amulets but a pure copying of the items didn’t seem to do justice to this concept, therefore I aim to make moulds of the real luck-objects in order to produce my pieces. This process, I believe, allows for maximum authenticity. Well, the small hitch in all this is the fact, that the “lucky sculptures” are usually in public spaces and are mostly regarded as heritage. As I do not wish to explain to any police officer that  the silicon compound I am using is harmless (I did enough research) and hardens within 5 minutes, I need to do my authenticity hunts in ungodly hours.

Due to these circumstances and the very limited time, the forms are not perfect but this fact, I believe,  adds on authenticity.

As a result of this process, I am also never short of exciting/stressful experiences and funny stories. Who can say that they have been making molds at 5 AM on the Charles Bridge in Prague, while the police car crosses slowly there and back and a mad photographer is frantically trying to capture a bizarre family portrait of two adults, two little girls dressed in ballet gowns and two husky dogs just in front of the sculpture I needed to use???  Or that they crossed the city of Barcelona at 5 AM, while the La Rambla buzzes with all the drunks and other questionable existences, only to find out, that the desired lucky sculpture is unexpectedly guarded by uncompromising security guard???

Do you hunt for Authenticity in your work? I would love to hear about it…