Superstition & Art making

Today I came across this fabulous picture by Bobbie Dunn-Komarek from the Magic Monkey Media. This protective eye is watching over the firing process in the kiln of the International Ceramics Studios in Hungary. The studios bring over professionals from around the world to improve practice and do research. I find this little sign of superstition quite cute. It is yet another proof, that although we are firmly “down to Earth”, a little superstition still has place in our lives. I’m sure that the artists in the studios are experienced ceramicists but as soon as they hand their clay work over to the kiln, anything can happen, so a little watchful eye surely doesn’t hurt.

To find out more about Bobbie and her photographs, click here and the fabulous website of the ceramic studios is here. The place looks quite magical…

Do you have any rituals or amulets in your artistic practice? I would love to hear about them…

Bobbie Eye on kiln


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