The Counter-Tourism book and the Luck-Lion

Do you know that feeling when you discover, that someone else – someone you don’t know at all – works on the same or similar ideas that were always at the back of your mind? Well, for me it was the moment I opened the book Counter-Tourism (The Handbook) by Crab Man. It was an incredibly lucky moment!

This book promotes a new type of tourism. It offers ideas for more sensorial and deeper experiencing of the places you visit. It also offers a slightly “guerilla” approach to tourism in the sense of leaving harmless marks of your presence behind. At this point it links directly to my Luck Project and I find it incredibly inspirational.

I recommend this book to every tourist, who longs for more creativity and deeper (and funnier) connection to the places they visit.

A mis-guided walk by the luckblogger is already in planning.

I found this Luck-Lion in the book (page 28) and must share it. I – the non-superstitious one – have seen it as a sign… 😉

lion luck001


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